10 Cloverfield Lane

RATED - (PG-13) -104-MIN-2016

                                              Another fun "What's in the box from Abrams."

I was actually very pleasantly surprised by this rather suspenseful and well-done movie. A distant cousin to Matt Reeve’s found footage (Cloverfield), (10 Cloverfield Lane) tells a much more intimate story. As the movie begins, we see a woman Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) gathering up some of her belongings, as she is apparently leaving her boyfriend rather quickly. Now in her car driving away, she keeps ignoring the calls made by her ex-beau. Suddenly, she is in a bad accident and knocked unconscious. When she awakens, Michelle is in a small room underground, with and IV and shackles tied to one leg. she has no memory of what has happened. She freaks and tries to get to her cell phone lying on her clothes just a few feet away, but out of arms
reach. When she finally retrieves her phone, there is no signal, as she is underground.

When a man named Howard (John Goodman) appears from behind a locked metal door to give her food, he says that she was in a bad accident, that he rescued her, and there was a bad attack above. They now have to stay down in this bunker that Howard built. It is fortified with all that they will need for a long time, as he doesn't know how soon they can go to the surface. Howard, a veteran, says that he has been preparing for an event like this for some time.

Soon, Michelle stumbles upon another person down with them also in Emmett (John Gallagher, Jr.). He worked on Howard's farm and when the event happened, he begged for Howard to let him in the shelter.That is the setup of this movie.Produced by (J.J. Abrams ) who loves secrets in boxes, (10 Cloverfield Lane) tells a reverse of that story. Instead of getting into the box to find the secret, the box to get into here is the world above, shrouded in the mystery of what has happened.

Michelle and Emmett start to form somewhat of a bond, and then secretly plan their escape from Howard, who seems to know their every move, even before they do. (Goodman) is very good as the passive-aggressive Howard, somewhat echoing his wonderful batshit crazy performance of Walter in the (Cohen brother's brilliant The Big Lebowski). One minute he is warm and comforting, the next he goes off the rails. This is a cat and mouse effort, to out trick Howard and get to the surface, that is well paced, acted, and directed by (Dan Trachtenberg). They really nail the beat of this genre, and I was engaged and entertained throughout. Credit must be given to all three actors who are very good at selling this story. I also really liked the sweeping score by (Bear McCreary). There is one really good freaky scare that is very well done and owes a lunch to (Spielberg's Jaws).

When Michelle does find out about what is up with Howard, and more importantly, what is going on up top, I won't say it is a letdown, but I wasn't surprised, nor did it elevate the story. The true drama happens below, and it is very well done. I had fun watching this.
You should see this movie.

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