Batman v Superman:

Dawn of Justice

RATED - (PG-13) -151-MIN-2016

                                                      It's quite a stew of a movie

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, sure is one helluva everything but the kitchen sink movie. It is not a great film, and not as nearly as bad as you have's just too all over the place. It wants to do so much and really ends up a bit confusing in what it is trying to convey. At least that's my take. It also is a setup for the DC films to come, and that hinders it a lot.

I happened to rather like Zack Snyder's: (Man of Steel). That was a good film that tried to take the Superman story, and go another way with it. He and his crew are certainly going for a grand scale home run on this film, that is sometimes rather effective, but it doesn't really know what it wants to be, and from that confusion, comes a movie trying to do too much. It's hard for me as a film lover, to give shit to people who put great care into what they are doing, but I have to say when it doesn't work...and lots of things don't work. When it does, and it has it's moments, it's very dark and exciting.

I know it's been said before, but to redo the whole how Bruce Wayne's parent's died, and to revisits it again and again in this film, was a bit tiresome. We know the story, and to take a good amount of time, in this long movie to begin with, was unnecessary. We get it.

So, what's the movie about?

Batman/Bruce Wayne is war weary and tired from years of battling the criminal weeds that grow in Gotham . Over in Metropolis, we flash back to (Man of  Steel)  with Superman: (Henry Cavill) and the relentless General Zod ( Michael Shannon) pretty much destroying the city in the last film's epic battle. It caused massive human collateral damage in Superman's fight to stop Zod, and we now get Bruce Wayne's (Ben Affleck) perspective of the battle from below. We see him watching as countless buildings are destroyed as he desperately seeks to get to Wayne's business, and save his people. It's a cool idea, and very well done. Yes, Superman stopped Zod, but there was a huge cost for his victory. Even after all that destruction, he is hailed as a hero, and Bruce Wayne is wary of this alien with so much power, and wonders if he can be trusted. What if he decides to go against us? Who will be able to stop him? Wayne has been carrying out as Batman, a violent vigilante campaign against the criminals in Gotham; branding them with a bat symbol. Superman's alter ego Clark Kent has been tough on this mysterious crime fighter and feels he is a threat to the city. This is  the setup  for the superhero smackdown that's going to happen, and this is why we all want to see this movie.

Superman also has been meddling in some international issues, when he goes and rescues his main squeeze: Lois Lane (Amy Adams) who is on a dangerous assignment, where an undercover operative is killed. People start to wonder if Superman's love for his main squeeze is more important than other people's lives. Meanwhile, a piece of Zod's ship which has Kryptonite has been found in the Ocean, and somebody is scrambling to get their hands on it. That somebody is the president of Lexcorp; Lex Luthor ( a full on ham Jesse Eisenberg) who is trying to convince Senator June Finch (a good Holly Hunter) that his company should have the Kryptonite, to create something to stop Superman in the event he should turn against humans.

At a big bash at Lexcorp, which Kent and Wayne are invited, Wayne, who got wind of Luthor's plans, decides to steal information on the Kryptonite. Another person is also interested in this information. She is a mysterious woman named: Diana Prince (Gal Godot) and when confronted by Bruce, she says that she borrowed it, and has left the disk in his car for him. she shows up later wearing another outfit. after a rather dramatic attempt to retrieve the Kryptonite, superman intervenes, beats the crap out of the bat, and tells him the bat is now dead. Needless to say, this pisses off Wayne. He will get the Kryptonite, but some weaponry out of it and stop Superman. Meanwhile, In the background Luthor plots his next step.needles to say...lots of shit happens.

There is a lot to setup and digest in this movie and that's where it runs amuck. Had it been a little smaller in scope, it might have been an easier to follow. (Affleck) is fine as the sullen and square-jawed Wayne/Batman. (Cavill) who was good in (Man of Steel) is a bit of one-dimensional character in this movie, although, later he has his moments. The big misstep for me was (Eisenberg) who I like very much.

He never really works in this movie; kind of an annoying little bug that stands around uttering brainy babble. I don't blame him...he tries, but it didn't work for me. All of the regulars from the first film are here, and they all are good. They even manage to squeeze in a scene with Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner,) who was so right for the sympathetic dad figure in the first movie. Once again, Hans Zimmer's score is wonderful in its beauty and scope, along with Junky XL.

The ending is another big spectacle, as it should be. I'm cool with it, and this is where Snyder shines with his action scenes and vision as a filmmaker. There is an odd hallucination/dream/premonition/ oment that has Batman at one point in a desert location. There he takes out a bunch of soldiers and aliens in some kind of all out war with Superman. It is a weird and beautifully executed sequence in this film that tries for grandness, but stumbles a lot.

I will give this film another try again.

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