RATED - (R) -108-MIN-2016

                                         "Deadpool is Pretty @#$%ing Cool."

Ok, So when I first saw the trailers for (Deadpool) I thought it looked terrible. I mean, Ryan Reynolds is fine, but really?.... two hours of his wiseass comments and breaking the fourth wall sounded terrible. I also didn't know much about the comic... which is exactly what he does in them. One of those Transformer movies almost sounded more appealing.....not.

I still resisted. After many conversations with people, to forget what you think about how bad Deadpool is going to be, and just watch it...I did.

So to my surprise, I really liked this foulmouthed, ultra-violent, different take on the superhero movie. At times, it is a little too cute for its own good, but this is a smart, well-written, and very fun ride. The action scenes are also a major plus, as there are clever pauses in the middle of the mayhem, where Deadpool addresses the cameras. That's  what the trailers had me worried about: that this goofy gimmick would lessen the movie and make it one long running joke. It doesn't, and actually works rather well most of the time.

The plot is simple, as it should be to make this work. Wade Wilson/Deadpool: (Ryan Reynolds) was a special forces operative
who now is a hired thug for hire. He hangs out in a bar where his wiseass friend: Weasel ( a very funny T J Miller) is the bartender.
This group of misfits and thugs have a dead pool going on to see who will die next of the patrons. At this bar, Wilson meets his match and new girlfriend in the equally foul-mouthed prostitute: Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). They are perfect for each other and they fall in love. (Reynolds and Baccarin) are a hoot together in their scenes. They have great chemistry and banter.

All seems to be going great until Wade finds out he has terminal cancer, and that's when a mysterious guy shows up at the bar and says he knows people who can cure him of it. At first he tells him to go blow, but then realizes he has no choice. He leaves Vanessa without saying a word....hoping to be with her soon. He is brought to an odd, dirty warehouse of a place, where there are strange and horrible things are done to people.

There he meets Ajax (Ed Skrein) a complete asshole of a mutant who, because of the same experiments on him, cannot feel pain. Along with a rather scary woman partner, who can kick some serious ass: Angel Dust (Gina Carano) they start putting Wade through a series of torturous procedures, to see if they can make a mutant gene come bubbling up and become a weapon for hire for Ajax. If not, he will just die. After some long, grueling scenes, he mutates into a being that can heal any wound. So there are explosions and other shit going on, but Wade escapes and is rather disfigured. He is now afraid to go see Vannesa, for fear that she will find him disgusting. Ajax had mentioned that he can reverse the process that made him look like an overcooked potato chip.

It's at this point, that Wade must enlist the help of two Xmen: Colossus (Stephan Kapicic) and: Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and they are added comic relief, as Colossus corrects Wade when he swears and Negasonic Teenage Warhead is all attitude. Colossus also drives Wade crazy because he trying to always get him to be a good guy hero and join The Xmen.Wade wants none of that. The plot is pretty straightforward as Ajax, (or as Deadpool prefers to call him, to piss him off: Francis)
decides to kidnap Vanessa to get to him. There is also a blind woman: Al (Leslie Uggams) who Deadpool stays with and they have some truly hilarious conversations, as well as a cab driver: Dopinder (Karan Soni) who apparently takes Wade's advice and stuffs a certain something in his trunk.

All of these moments come to a head with a big battle of course, but it's the style in which it is presented, along with all the truly inappropriate things being said by just about everybody that will have you laughing, as well as engaged by the great action scenes.
With the glut of all the superhero movies, and with many starting to look the same, it's great to see one with a new twist and some serious balls come out and kick you in your ass for some violent fun.
Deadpool is cool and you should see this movie!

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