Godzilla wants to be a much bigger movie than it is. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it. But the sum of it’s rather impressive buildup of parts, that make you think something important and earth shattering is about to happen, is ultimately a letdown in that department, as it is truly a big monsters duking it out while destroying everything in its path movie. It wants to make a bigger statement, but its just a very well executed monster movie. Directed by the visually talented:(Gareth Edwards), who had previously done the impressive low budget: (Monsters), Godzilla has teaser after teaser visual hints of the monsters to come, and despite what you may have heard, the monsters are indeed shown. They are also rather impressive and the filmmakers do convey rather well ,how big these suckers are.

Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston),hamming it up on the overacting, is shown in flashbacks as a scientist, living in Japan with his wife and fellow scientist Sandy (Juliette Binoche), and their young son Ford. They both work at a nuclear power plant and are worried about some strange events happing that might compromise the plant. When an accident does indeed happen Sandy and her team are trapped in the reactor and Joe is forced to watch as his wife’s fate is sealed with the safety door to save the public. In his heart, Joe knows that he and his team were lied to, so his is determined to find the truth. Young Ford, has lost his mom and in some way his dad too.

Cut to the present, and the adult Ford (CJ Adams looking an awful lot like Eminem), is in the navy and going back home to see his wife and son for the first time in quite awhile, when their reunion is quickly interrupted when he gets a call from Japan to go and get his dad, who has been arrested for snooping around restricted areas that are still radioactive. The father and son are estranged and after some talk, Joe convinces Ford to go to the old quarantined neighborhood to gather up some discs that will help Joe prove the government is lying. When Joe takes off his mask when the Geiger counter doesn’t read dangerous levels, Joe now knows he was right.

Obviously, Ford will now realize that his dad was right, and his mom’s death was a lie in that it was not a nuclear accident, but much bigger. The actors all do the job well, although I was not a big fan of Adams. It’s not entirely his fault. I think the character could have been written more interesting, but he does a good enough job. I love what Edwards does with the flashbacks and old newsreel footage at the beginning that hint at what is to come, and he truly does know how to paint beautiful and compelling scenes in this film. They will keep you engrossed.

Godzilla respects the source material, delivers some truly breathtaking and I must stress, original action scenes, that will satisfy the people who grew up on all those cheesy fun films from years past. I missed this in IMAX. See it on a big screen TV with a good sound system and a bowl of popcorn.Look to see what Edwards does next. This guy has the chops.

watch the trailer:http://youtu.be/vIu85WQTPRc