Going Clear:




I am sure that Scientology has helped many people, who used it as a self help process to improve their lives. Most religions have very positive examples of areas where it strives to better people, whether it be through charity, or other endeavors. Some take great pleasure in mocking the big secret in Scientology, that is only revealed to those who ascend to a certain level. It states, that the human body is possessed by spirits of souls dumped from another planet into volcanoes onto this prison planet. Many would be quick to point out that the same sort of far out stories and fables are there in other religions, that so many believe in, and take on faith, and they ask for money in donations, and say that there is no difference. I would be one of those. If someone wants to believe some science fiction writer, who incorporated many parts of his old pulp novels, into a new age belief, that they think helps them….why not let them? It’s a free country.

That’s not the scary part of this documentary.

The scary part is the stories of paranoia, downright thuggery, corruption, slave labor, horrible harassment caught on video, and a government backing down to grant them a tax exempt status under a non profit organization, after blackmailing them with threats of a unprecedented amount of lawsuits that church members filed. Now, not only tax exempt, it also protected them under the bubble of the first amendment. This is a film about power out of control, even more so after it’s founder and Captain: L. Ron Hubbard had passed away. From self help guru to spiritual leader, Hubbard was an intelligent, odd, fellow, who wrote science fiction stories prolifically, and had quite a knack of getting people to follow him. He also had a propensity to tell apocrphal stories outside of his books.

With the testimonies from past members, the videos from scientology gatherings, the rare interviews from the founder himself, and the chilling footage and stories of current head: David Miscavige, this documentary will have you riveted. The stories of famous members: John Travolta and even more so: Tom Cruise will overshadow any other "out there" ones you may have heard. There is some slanted shots done here and there, and a response from Scientology current leaders or members would have helped them. But, as their leader and founder is "quoted " on video here, when asked if he thinks he is mad, he answers... "The only person who thinks he isn’t mad, is the madmen". Well said.

You should see this movie and think for yourself.