Believe the hype...This film is amazing and it has changed the landscape of really. The IMAX format has been deemed by some, as a sort of gimmick. It is not. It is a fantastic way to watch a movie that was geared for it and I cannot stress enough how important it is to see Gravity in IMAX 3D. Like (Avatar) this film was made with this format in mind If want to get the full effect of this awesome experience by (Alfonso Cuarón), the talented director of the great film:(Children of Men).What he has done in this movie is create a totally three dimensional place where you are literally in orbit along with the astronauts. (Cuarón) had a wish of becoming an astronaut and he comes damn close to making you one too. If you are adverse to heights or suffer from vertigo, you may be a bit uneasy watching this film. It is that real.

(Sandra Bullock)  is scientist Ryan Stone, on her first mission miles above the earth, nervously doing work outside the space shuttle, on the Hubble telescope, while her two seasoned astronaut companions zip around, play country music and joke with mission control like they were back on the ground. It is the last spacewalk for one of the astronauts, Matt Kowalski (an excellent George Clooney) who is a bit of a ham, but a total pro and calm under pressure. Stone is sick to her stomach and sick in her heart after she lost her 4 year old daughter, who fell while playing and died. She is adrift in her mind and also now literally, miles above our blue planet. Kowalski knows what she is going through and does his best to calm her by joking with Stone. The set up is done well and the characters are well defined. When things start going wrong, you will be connected and care.

A Russian satellite has been hit by a missile and the debris field will pass by them, possibly causing catastrophic damage to the shuttle and it's crew. Panic...a scramble to get back to the shuttle...then...

First off, the scenes of destruction caused by the debris field are truly heart pounding in the way (Cuarón) and his crew of magicians carry it out. There is movement in the foreground, there is the Earth rotating in the background on it's axis, the debris blasting at them in the middle, all the while the camera rotates and pivots, zooms and backs out around the action. It is completely and utterly astounding what you are watching  and the fact that there is no sound of the impacts, because space is a vacuum, it completes the haunting spectacle that you are watching. I cannot stress this enough: it is incredible.

Once the first strike happens, Stone is disconnected from her tether, she tumbles out of control and is spinning uncontrollably into space. As she slowly regains some semblance of composure, she finally stop holding her breath, releases it and fogs her helmet. You will take a breathe ....for a moment.

Kowalski has been out of contact and from out of the dark, he blasts over to Stone with his jet pack to barley catch her. He connects Stone to him and  tries to calm her. Then, he says that they have to get to the (ISS), International Space Station, but she is running low on oxygen and he has very little fuel left to power his jet pack. Just for fun, the debris field will be coming around again in 90 minutes or so to wreak havoc again.

What happens next, I will leave for the most part out, but there is a rebirth of sorts, with the heartbroken Stone, who gets aboard the destroyed (ISS) against all odds and fighting certain death. She takes off her cumbersome and claustrophobic inducing spacesuit and then gives a rather obvious and beautiful nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey, complete with an umbilical cord..... and it's just so perfect. If I were to praise one thing above this masterful creation, it would be that the transformation and courage of the totally despondent Stone by Bullock is so perfectly done. I think it is far and away her best performance as an actress. She is always likeable, but here she is wonderful and she nails it. The heart of this film is simple, but beautiful. Later in the movie, Clooney has a rather important speech and pep talk of sorts, that sums up some important issues in this movie, and you will understand what happens next after. If you love film and champion the progress of it both in the technological and creative way, then you should see Gravity in Imax 3D. Brilliant!

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