I have always loved movie trailers. When I was a kid, I looked forward to them, with great anticipation of the magic to come. Now a visit to the theater these days comes with ads about anything, and about twenty trailers before the movie starts, and most are generic and boring. Still, there is something to be said for these little 2 minute previews, that try to get you to be interested in dropping 12 bucks or so of your hard earned dollars when it comes out.

Many of them are pretty standard, but some, over the years, are wonderful little vignettes on their very own. Here is my list of trailers, in no particular order, that I thought were special, and what came to mind when I thought of them.The most important part of each of each one I chose, was it really made me want to see the movie.
Do you have a trailer that you loved?

The Revenant-2015 This is a brilliant trailer for so many reasons. The incorporation of the breathing is just the cherry on the sundae. I wanted to see this film for sure, but even more so, after this great trailer.

Suicide Squad-2016 Holy Crap Batman, was this so perfect a tease, for the film that would come only.....a YEAR LATER!! This was great, smart, thoughtful marketing!

Interstellar-2014 Christopher Nolan could direct traffic, and I would see it. But his teaser trailer for this huge film about so much, was many things. This is a beautiful preview, that leaves you wanting for much more.The mystery and wonder of it of it is perfect.

JAWS-1975 I love this trailer, which is so before its time, from the brilliant Spielberg.
A classic for this great film!

Always-1989 Not on the top of my list of favorite Spielberg's  movies, but I remeber seeing this preview, and wanting to see this movie. The use of (Smoke get in your yes) sealed it for me.

The Deer Hunter-1978 This is another one from way back, that I remember

seeing and being scared to death at the thought of watching it. I couldn't... I was too young.