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It is very hard for me to come up with one score by the master: (John Williams) that I would call my favorite. All of the compositions that I mention from him here are brilliant. I cannot think of another film composer who has contributed more to the movie experience than Mr. Williams for me personally. There are at least a dozen films that when you think of the movie, your hear William's music. They are embedded in our minds, and  that's an amazing impact. He is truly an artist of his craft. Thankfully, there are many more film composers who have added so much to the films they have scored. Below is a list of some of my favorites that I will add to. Please email us if you would like to suggest a score or original song from a film, that you believe helped make it a better movie experience.

Hans Zimmer-Where We're Going -"Interstellar"

Zimmer keeps topping himslf. One of his best for certain.

John Williams-Main Title-"The Accidental Tourist"

An absolutely beautiful and tone perfect score from Williams. One of his best.

John Williams-Main Title-"JAWS"

Really...never heard of it?

John Williams-Omaha Beach-"Saving Private Ryan"

Heartbreaking and moving score, that leaves a lump in your throat.

John Williams-Main Theme-"Superman"

Just awesome heart pumpimg theme that you can't get out of your head.

James Horner-Main Theme-"Glory"

One word...Stunning.

Dave Grusin-Main Theme-"On Golden Pond"

One of my favorite pieces of music period. The theme tells the whole story.

Hans Zimmer-James Newton Howard-"Batman Begins"

Awesome loud, touching and brilliant moody score, that is another character in the movie!

Danny Elfman-"Edward Scissorhands"

Danny Elfman's magical and lovely theme to Tim Burton's great film!



Jeff P made these suggestions for great film scores:

Carter Burwell-Main Theme- "Fargo"

Carter Burwell-Main Theme- "Raising Arizona" 

Perfect score to fit the tone of this absolutely hilarious movie

Carter Burwell-Main Theme- "Miller's Crossing"

Beautiful and foreboding score, to this great film.

Danny Elfman-Main Theme- "Batman"

Great suggestion as this is one of Elfman’s best. Awesome.

Bernard Herrman-Main Theme-"North by Northwest"

A classic by one of the best.

Ennio Morricone-Main Theme-(Once Upon a Time in the West)

One of the best themes of all time...haunting.