There is a moment in Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece (Inception) a film about a group of people, who enter subject’s dreams, to plant an idea or to get hidden information from the target’s subconscious, where the leader of the team: Dom (Leonardo Dicaprio) explains a very important plot point to the architect of the team: Ariadne ( Ellen Paige).One of two things will probably happen as you listen. Either you brain will be blown away by the idea and concept of it as you try to wrap your head around what you are hearing or you will be completely lost. The thing about (Inception) and really most of Nolan’s work, is that they are multi layered and require several viewings, to catch up if you will. If this sounds like work, it isn’t. Nolan wants you to experience, but he also wants you to think. He has no idea of how to make a brain-dead movie.

This is just such a rich and wonderful movie experience, that does need a good sound system or headphones to get the full effect, with another masterful score by Hans Zimmer, who is now associated with Nolan, not unlike Williams is with Spielberg. It really is another character in the film.

It I had to simplify it, to set it up: Dom and his wife Mal (Marion Cotlliard),were taught by Mal’s father and professor( Michael Caine) to manipulate and control dreaming. Dom and Mal have two children whom they love dearly. As they delve more deeper in the subconscious of their dreams, things start to blurry to them of what is a dream and what is real. A tragic accident has left Mal dead, and Dom having to leave his children and the country, as authorities believe he is responsible for her death. He dreams of them all often. His one goal is to get back to the states and be with his two kids.

For some time now, Dom and his partner Arthur( Joseph Gordon-Levitt) have made a living by being hired by powerful people to either enter their competitor’s dreams and extract information, or teach their client to defend the subconscious against other attacks. One problem he and his team have run into, is Mal, who keeps showing up in the dreams; a projection of Dom’s subconscious, to thwart the group’s plans.

The beginning of the film has both Dom and Arthur showing a prospective client Saito (Ken Watanabe), a powerful businessman, what exactly they can do. This is in the first segment of the film, and introduces the idea to the viewer of levels of dreaming, This is important, be cause as the movie progresses, this becomes a critical plot point. When Saito understands that these two men could very well do the job he wants them to do, he makes Dom an offer he cant refuse: complete the mission, and he will have the power to make it possible for Dom to enter the US again, to be with his kids.

Arthur warns Dom, of the danger of Mal in the dreams sabotaging any mission, but Dom is blinded by the thoughts of his kids, and he accepts Saito’s job.

From there, Dom gets his group together. He recruits his father-in-law’s best architectural student Ariadne (Page) to design the worlds they will dream in, careful to point out to her, not to tell Dom of the design. He fears that if he knows to much, Mal will find them in the dream and ruin the mission. This becomes a major issue. He also gets his forger and imitator in Eames (a fantastic Tom Hardy) who has worked with Dom and Arthur before, and thinks that Inception will be difficult to say the least, even though he has tried it. The last team member is the chemist Yusef (Dileep Rao) who will provide the drug, with the properties to allow them to go down three levels of dreaming, to plant an idea: (Inception) to the target. Saito will also accompany them.

Saito’s target is business rival Maurice Fischer (Pete Postlethwaite), who is dying, and whose son Robert (Cillian Murphy) will soon own the company. Father and son have never really gotten along, and Saito wants Cobb and his team to plant a seed in Robert’s dream to break up the company when Maurice has passed away. The mission is to all enter in a dream, going down three levels, all designed by Ariadne, and convince Robert to change his mind. To say that this is the tip of the iceberg as far as what this film has in store for you, would truly be an understatement. As the team enters the first dream level, they discover that Robert has been taught to fight back extraction in some interesting ways, and as they delve deeper into the levels, they all realize that they could all be indeed stuck in Limbo, because the powerful drug they have taken will not take the kick they have devised to bump them out of the dream. Also, the physics of what is happening to you in the physical world: ( if you are falling in real life, or another level of the dream) this will affect the dreaming levels. This translates into one of the most creative and mesmerizing scenes that I can recall in a movie in a long time.

The cast, headed by a commanding performance by Dicaprio is all top rate. You will understand why Dom wants to do anything to get back, and why his team, all now knowing about Mal, worry for him and the mission. I have wrote this before, and will stress it again many times, but Nolan’s films truly do have an added weight and intensity like no other filmmaker out there now.You will feel it in your gut. I think (Inception) is a great film, and you should see this movie.

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