It Follows

RATED - (R) -100-MIN-2014

                                                      "It Follows is Creepy Stuff!"

Following in the tradition of the early films by (John Carpenter) and the late (Wes Craven), (It Follows) is a small budget horror movie, that relies more on atmosphere and suspense rather than effects. It even boasts a rather familiar synthesizer score, clearly echoing (Carpenter's) classics ( Halloween) and (The Thing).

Set in a Michigan suburb, in a vague time period, (It Follows) concentrates on the teenage characters, and not unlike many other films of this genre, the parents are basically in the background, leaving the youths to figure it out. The "It" of the title, is some kind of force or entity, that is transferred through sex and certainly, that is on most teenagers minds as they go through the change to an adult.

There is an opening establishing scene where a young woman runs out of her house, half naked, into her neighborhood street. It is early morning and she is terrified. she turns and circles looking for someone who isn't there. Eventually, she screeches off in her car and ends up on a beach huddled in the fetal position. She makes a desperate call to her father to tell her dad she loves him. The next shot is of her twisted body on the shore of Lake Michigan dead in the morning.

The main part of the story involves Jay (a very good Maika Monroe), who is dating a guy named Hugh (Jake Weary). They go to the movies, and something upsets Hugh when they are in the theater, which causes him to want to leave. There were playing a game which involved pointing out a certain face in the crowd and giving their reasons on why they wouldn't want to be that particular person. When Jay doesn't see a certain target that Hugh sees....he freaks.

On the next date, they have sex, after which Hugh tells Jay, who has awakened, after being chloroformed by him, and is now tied up in a wheelchair in some abandoned building. He explains to her that he has passed "it" on to her and that "It' will follow her until "It' kills her.He bound her in the chair to show Jay when the "It" comes, that he isn't crazy.

He certainly has messed her up, as Jay now can't sleep, and as she listens to barely to a teacher the next day at school, her eyes wonder to a courtyard, where she sees a rather odd sight: an old woman in a hospital gown, slowing walking to the lecture hall. The "it" does follow.

There  is the usual collection of friends that come to help, as Jay tries to figure out how to make this thing stop, and they are all a good group of actors who portray them. Of course, there is the quiet dude who pines for her heart, and will do anything for her. To give away more, would be wrong, as the surprises of what happens next, is the heart of the film that the director (David Robert Mitchell) has crafted so well.

What I liked most about the movie, is that (Mitchell) understands what collectively scares us: the unknown, and the unsettling thing about his film is, we really have no idea who this "It" might be next. When "It" shows up, sometimes they are very odd looking, "which is creepy in itself" or they are in a strange naked on top of a broad daylight. If this is a bit vague...good, because you should be creeped out like I was.It gets under your skin a bit.

I wasn't a big fan of the ending, but I have to say that this film is unnerving, and it will stay with you  afterward. That's a sure sign that the director did his/her job. I bet (Carpenter) liked this film and You should see this movie

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