Million Dollar




Boy, was Eastwood on a roll or what?
This movie threw me for a loop when I first saw this. It is actually divided into two parts. A story about a woman boxer...really? Yep, and it is a great film that delivers a hay-maker of a twist that will leave you breathless if you haven't seen it yet. Frankie (Eastwood), plays another old cantankerous bastard who owns a gym in LA and trains boxers. Over the years,he has come close to a title bout,but he always came up short. Scrap (Morgan Freeman), one of his old fighters who lost an eye in on of his last matches, takes care of the gym for Eastwood. They are like an old married couple who bicker all the time; but there is love and respect there.They will argue about socks just as much boxers.

(Hillary Swank) delivers another stellar performance as Maggie;a girl in her early thirty's who came from nothing and has nothing,and who is convinced that she can be a very good boxer on the woman's circuit. Her facial expressions alone will break your heart in this movie as it goes along, whether she is happy, sad, or mad. Maggie waits tables, eats customer's scraps she picks up to save up to buy speed bag. She starts to go to Frankie's gym where she trains like a maniac. Scrap sees her, and see's that she doesn't know what she is doing. She needs help, and Frankie ain't too keen on helping a "girl" boxer. She begs him to manage her, he say's no, reconsiders begrudgingly, and then it becomes the story of how these two very different people, become friends and fill the voids in their heart and broken dreams.Eastwood and Swank are wonderful and have great chemistry;like father and daughter. 

The fight scenes are done very well; Swank looks like a boxer, and Morgan Freeman is always there to deliver some sage advice when needed, and fill Maggie in on Frankie's past and what to expect in the ring from an old boxer who knows. When tragedy strikes in this movie, it stuns you, and what Eastwood does in the second act of this film with these characters you have come to care about, is honest, brave, and will have you reaching for tissues. Once again, Eastwood's on top of all this,and has again composed a beautiful subtle score mainly in piano that is a perfect companion. You should see this movie.

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