"We're not bad people,but we did a bad thing."

My review of the Netflix series Bloodline, will not reveal secrets but will outline the overall arc of the story.

Bloodline is a Netflix original, that benefits greatly from where it takes place. In this case, the Florida Keys is the setting, and with its frequent wind, rain, and humidity, it wonderfully augments this very compelling drama about the Rayburn family, who own a resort where the parents: Robert (Sam Shepard) and Sally (Sissy Spacek) run it and are very respected in the community. Three of their four remaining kids help out, even though, each has their own profession.

John (Kyle Chandler) is a county sheriff, who all the siblings look up to. He seems to be a very good man, and John is well thought of in his community. Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) is the hothead, substance-abusing brother, who owns a boatyard. Meg (Linda Cardellini) is the family attorney who is cheating on her long term boyfriend Marco (Enrique Murciano) who is John’s police partner. Then, there comes the prodigal son Danny (the riveting Ben Mendelson) who returns for a family celebration and gets everybody nervous with the wake of trouble he leaves everywhere, and the old wounds that he starts opening up.

Netflix has really turned out a gripping and completely engrossing series that I hadn't  the problem getting through in no time. All of the actors are very good, but the standouts for me are ( Chandler), who is a man trying to do the right thing, and seems to fight an inner demon, (Shepard), perfect as the man of few words matriarch, with a twitch in his eye, hinting at past secrets, and truly (Mendelson), who’s demeanor goes from somewhat innocent, to menacing at the drop of a hat. He is the rock in this show. You are given flashbacks and flash-forwards as the show goes along, and as the pieces come together, you will be thrilled and surprised at where this takes you. The shocking ending of the first season had me wanting to see more from the family that was good but did a very bad thing.

I can’t wait for next season.


I was a little worried about where Bloodline would go after last season's shattering "What the fuck do we do now," ending.
I am pleased to see it picking up steam and hooking me again. You feel the heat in this wonderful series, and it is great to see more of (Ben Mendelson) who was just fantastic in the first season. (Kye Chandler) just smolders in these new episodes, as the pressure is turned up to find out who committed the murder at the end of season one. More glimpses of past secrets start to slowly reveal themselves in fractured flashbacks, as John and family desperately try to find ways to fix the problems. All the while as the police department, of which John is a part of wants answers. Adding to the complications is that John is running for county sheriff, Kevin finds new and inventive ways to be a class a fuck up, and Meg desperately is mired in a messy breakup with Marco and a pool full of booze. Also, new characters become more prominent:  Eric O'Bannon (an excellent Jamie McShane) who was Danny's good friend, and who he always got into trouble with, Ozzy Delvecchio (John Leguizamo) another one of Danny's friends who is bad news, and last but not least, the powerful businessman: Roy Gilbert (Beau Bridges playing against type) who has a history with the Raburn, and is very interested in seeing John win the election. The second season mixes a very big stew of characters and subplots. Whenever it gets a bit too jumbled, the great acting and moody direction will keep you glued. Overall, a very good twisted mess of a second season.


So, Bloodline is in its third and final season, and I can't help but think
that the Rayburns are living on borrowed time. Once again, the acting by all is stunning, and it gives ample time for Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) to shine in the first few episodes, as he deals with what he has done. So far, so very good, and Chandler is riveting as he unravels with the guilt. Basically, he just took off in his truck and headed north, after Marco was murdered at the end of season two. It looks like his wife has left him with the kids, as he holes up in a cheap motel. (Sissy Spacek) the steady rock of a veteran has a much bigger role here, and here ties to Gilbert become more clear. Meg kind of falls back into the background: kinda suiting here character, who, if any could be, is the least guilty of the clan. She boots to the west coast. Kevin gets in more deep with Gilbert and his deals, as he desperately preps for the murder trial of O'bannon, who seems to be the scapegoat Marco's murder. Ozzy, knows the Rayburns have secrets they don't want to be revealed, and he is looking for a way to make a score.Given that this is the last season, cut short by Netflix, I am hoping things come to a somewhat satisfying conclusion.


I have finished Bloodline, and I can't deny that I was a little disappointed. The fact that Netflix cut this series short, making the third season its last instead of the planned 5-6, shows in its somewhat disjointed last few episodes. What does still work, and the reason you should watch is the stellar acting by the performers, especially (Kye Chandler) who is a shoe-in for an Emmy nomination again. I also loved that they brought back Danny (Ben Mendelson) in the last two episodes, as he still haunts John ruthlessly. (Norbert Leo Butz), who has a very tricky role here; playing the doofus, loudmouth, pain in the ass Kevin, shows some serious acting chops, as a man who has accepted what he has done, is willing to move on, but is not allowed to. I am also a bit confused about Meg, as she is hardly shown at all toward the end. Was this a scheduling problem?  I know a show like this, is not the kind that ties things up in a big bow at the end and satisfying all, but I really felt this last season towards the conclusion, would have been better suited for more time. Nevertheless, I would still recommend watching Bloodline and it's three seasons, for stellar acting, an incredible sense of mood and place that it transports you too, and high production values, with a great array of talented directors. It also has a kickass opening credit beach timelapse credit sequence with a killer music track by Book Of Fears - The Water Let's You In (Bloodline Theme).