Safety Not Guarenteed








Ok, So this was a wonderful find for free on Netflix. I had read about it when it came out, and then I forgot it, even thought it did sound intriguing. This is another gem of a little film, that is well written, acted, and directed, that will have you engaged to the end. The back-story on the idea is even interesting; you can find it on the trivia section for this film on IMDB.

During a rather entertaining narration by the main character: Darius (Aubrey Plaza who is real and wonderful to watch), we learn a bit about her history as a loner, outsider, and the death of her mom as she is being interviewed for a waitress position she doesn’t want. Darius is a lowly intern at the Seattle Magazine where she buys toilet paper and takes condescending crap from her mean boss. At a story meeting, one the writers Jeff (Jake Johnson), suggest looking into an ad he found in the classifieds about someone looking to pay a person to time travel with him. The ad also states: Safety Not Guaranteed. The magazine boss agrees, so Jake, Daruis and the timid Arnau (Karan Soni), travel to Ocean View to hunt down the mysterious person who posted it.

On the trip up, we learn that Jeff has plans to look up an old flame that he cant get out of his head. At first, Jeff seems like a bit of a dick, but his character is detailed more later and he will surprise you with where it goes. Arnau, who is a nice, geek of sorts, is interning because it will look good on resume, immediately finds the rather attractive Darius interesting, but says nothing as he has never been near a girl. The writing for these three as they save money by getting a single room, so they can do other stuff, is rather clever as they plot how to track down the time traveler.

Once the man: Kenneth(Mark Duplass),is discovered, working as a stocking shelves in a food mart and living in a run down house, Jeff decides to go and audition for the time trip. Kenneth sees right through Jeff and his intentions and tells him to take a hike. Jeff is hooked that this guy might not be entirely crazy, and sends Darius in to try and see if she can get to him.

That is the setup of this cool little film, and the scenes between Kenneth and Darius are well done, as he slowly begins to trust and train her for possibly going on this trip backward. There is a genuine chemistry between them, and a nice addition to this already charming film. When Jeff decides to pull Arnau out of the motel room and his shell, to hook up with a local girl to lose his virginity, the ensuing scenes are funny and somewhat touching. Guess Jeff isn’t that bad of a dude.

Is Kenneth insane, brilliant, or a little of both? He thinks mysterious men have been following him around trying to thwart him. When Darius spots two suspicious guys in suits in a car outside of Kenneth’s house…she thinks…could this be true?

You should see this movie.

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