Movies I would not recommed



            Room 237

                      2012-NR-102 MIN   Documentary   



I love conspiracies. I am a huge UFO buff, and find Bigfoot and other off the wall subjects interesting for some of their witness accounts; although I certainly take these all with a grain of salt. They are intriguing, because there is a shard or trace of evidence in the more compelling cases; even if it is circumstantial. I think that Stanley Kubrick was a master filmmaker, and even though The Shining was not one of my top favorite of his films, I loved the mood he set and the perfection of his presentation. It has an uncanny tone that is pure Kubrick.

I was excited to see: (Room 237), which purports to show the hidden messages and signs that Kubrick had so ingeniously imbedded in his film. I had read some reviews that said it was fascinating to see the strange signs that this brilliant man had hidden within…then I watched this utter waste of time. Honest to God, I stayed with this to the end, hoping that at least one crazy theory or sign would show some Insight into the (so called) messages. I saw not even one.

William S Burroughs, strung out on dope and sleep deprived could come up with a more cohesive string of scenarios better than the faceless narrators of this movie could. To say that they stretch the boundaries of rational thought, would be to give credit to their theory’s from the outset…they are all nonsense. I’m sorry, I think they are nonsense.

I do not doubt that Kubrick has hidden messages in all of his films; he was too much into detail not to I suspect. Video games have so called (Easter eggs)..they mean nothing; it‘s just useless stuff. If you were diligent enough to find them…hoorah…you get ..nothing! If you want to debate the film, and how it made you feel, or the performances; I am all ears. I agree with Stephen King, who thinks that the character of Jack Torrece, played by (Jack Nicholson) was too over the top, and that he pretty much seemed crazy from the start.

If you want to talk about how Danny wearing an Apollo space program sweater and that the room (237) is the exact distance in thousands of miles from Earth to the moon, was put there on purpose to show that the Moon landing was fake; I want to smoke what you are. There is talk of the symbolism in the movie and the fate of the American Indians, pictures of minotaurs, references to them, and the fact that if you super impose the film playing forward over it also playing backward, there are all sorts of creepy things going on. Some of the Nazi Germany stuff I could give you on a good day, but the rest…nope.

I understand the passion for film and the love of Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant collection of movies. But if you want to present theories on the meaning of hidden symbols of what you think you saw in between the lines, at least give me something to cling on to while I watch.


                        A Good Day to Die Hard 

                        2013-R-103-MIN  Action/Drama



The worst movie I saw by far last year. Bruce Willis looks beyond bored in this sad excuse to apparently destroy every car on every street in Russia.

A horrible brain-dead movie. Enjoy!!




                        Olympus Has Fallen

                         2013-R-119-MIN  Action/Drama


I am sorry, but I am not a fan of Gerard Butler. He makes Arnold look like a fine actor. If you want to see how many people can get shot in the head in just under two hours, then this is your film. I am a fan of some of the other actors here, and also the director: Antoine Fuqua, but this is a loud mindless film that just didn’t do it for me.