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I find Steve Carell very funny. I am a huge fan of (The Office), and found (The 40 year old Virgin) to be a raunchy hilarious movie. Even in some of his not so good films, I still find Carell incredibly watchable as your sort of everyman. In (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World), Carell once again plays one of those lovable, melancholy, life has not been very nice to him guys. He seems to be on some kind of tranquilizer right from the get go.

A tranquilizer would be good, because it’s announced on a news broadcast at the beginning of the movie, that the space shuttle’s attempt to divert an asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth has failed. In three weeks, the Earth and all it’s life, will be destroyed.When this is broadcast, we are introduced to Dodge ( Carell ), and his wife Linda (Carell’s wife Nancy), who are sitting in their car listening . After the announcement, Linda gets out of the car and runs away. It’s kind of funny and sort of sad, and that’s how I would describe this film; it’s kind of funny and kind of sad, and has some wonderful moments that will stay with you for a bit afterwards. The good films always seem to me,to take you to a place, however briefly it may be, to where you might reconsider where you are, who you are, and what you might be doing. That’s some effective filmmaking, and (Seeking a Friend at the End of the World) is one of those films that will have you thinking….what would I “really” do if this did happen?

Riots and anarchy start to happen worldwide. Raping and pillaging also ensue, but Dodge just goes back to work until that is not an option and then he hangs out in the apartment he and Linda shared, until a neighbor he has seen a few times before, Penny ( Keira Knightley), gets into a fight with her boyfriend and decides to hide on Dodge’s fire escape. He invites her in and she falls asleep on his couch. They learn a little about each other and eventually end up on the road together; she to visit a friend in New jersey, and he to visit the love of his life, who he thinks he should have married. Oh, by the way, there is a rather cute mutt who is along for the ride. This is an end of the road movie.

To say more would ruin this rather interesting film that has such a tone and mood that it will either engage you on some level, or piss you off. I loved it. Every time you think you know what is coming, or should be coming, based on standard clichés in film, the movie surprises you and takes a rather interesting turn. I loved that about this movie. When they end up in an abandoned house where Penny has cooked them a nice dinner with wine and (Herb Albert’s This Guy’s in Love with You), is playing in the background, you will either be hooked as I was, or be not.

(Carell and Knightley) have a rather interesting chemistry, that add some scenes with some heavy emotion that others actors wouldn’t have done so well with. They are good. You buy that they are in this dilemma and have bonded. They don’t have great answers for the universe; just some for the heart.

What if you knew the end of the world was three weeks away? Would you just pretend it wasn’t going to happen and go to the gym? Would you go back to work? Would you call someone you should and tell them you love them? Would you make amends with those you should? These are great questions that this film tries to answer.

What happens at the end?


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