Star Wars:

The Last Jedi

RATED - (PG-13) -152-MIN-2017

                              Star Wars:The Last Jedi is on the Right Path

There is a scene about halfway through the (The Last Jedi), where a critical event occurs between the good guys and the bad guy's spaceships. You will know it when it happens, as there is a moment with complete silence, then... It is a mesmerizing and visionary sequence that will have you gasp in awe.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.....Oh heck Yeah!!

Now, this is flipping Star Wars! What began with J.J. Abram’s wonderful homage to the original trilogy (The Force Awakens) continues on the right path with Rian Johnson’s (The Last Jedi). Right off the bat, with its heart-pounding opening battle and that familiar brilliant John William’s score with some new variations (If the March of the Resistance doesn't get you going, I don't know what to say ) you know you are in very good hands. As we begin, General Lea (the late great Carrie Fisher) and her ragtag group, the Resistance are trying to find their way out of this pickle. The First Order is bearing down hard on our small band of heroes above a planet and hotshot pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac ) with the assistance of his lovable round droid BB-8, is doing his best to blow up the cannons on the huge First Order battleship to help give the Resistance ships enough time to get into hyperspace and escape. As he is picking off the cannons, stalling for time for our to escape, Poe hails the ships stiff and somewhat comical General Hux on the bridge (Domhnall Gleeson) and requests to speak to him. Hux identifies himself, and then Poe proceeds to tell him he'll wait for Hux. This is very funny, and a good sign early on that this movie gets it. The opening in this film is an absolute blast, easy to follow and will get your heart pumping.

After successfully jumping to hyperspace, The Resistance realizes that the First Order has followed them. After Lea scolds Poe for his reckless flying, they realize they must have been tracked as it is impossible to follow a ship through unless it has been tagged someway. Now, low on fuel and sitting ducks, they must find a way fast find a way to get free.

Too late, the First Order attacks and Kylon Ren (Adam Driver who is even better in this film as the tortured Ben Solo) senses his mother on board and decides not to kill her. Despite this, Ren's other fighters destroy the part of the ship and Lea is blown into space. She is rescued but is in rough shape.Now in medical and unconscious, the command of the Resistance goes not to Poe, but to Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern in purple hair). Poe is not too happy about this and they butt heads.

Meanwhile, Finn ( a much better and more solemn John Boyega ) is all bummed out about Rey (Daisy Ridley) taking off with Chewbacca to find Luke. He is desperate to find her, so he decides to steal a pod and go look for her. He is stopped by a young woman who works in that area Rose Tico (the radiant Kelly Marie Tran) who is very impressed with meeting Finn, but then realizing he is deserting the ship, stuns him and is about to turn him in until he explains to her what he is doing. Now they're a team who must go off to Rose's home planet, where the rich and powerful gamble, drink and live the life high on the hog, while the lower class suffers. There they must find a codebreaker who will help the Resistance disable the First Order tracking device so they can escape to hyperspace, and live to fight another day.

Rey, now after finding Luke Skywalker ( Mark Hamill ) on the Island where he has been hiding, wants no part of the Rebellion and The Force. He wants the Jedi to die off. He thinks it is too dangerous to train after what he has seen. It takes some time, but slowly things start to turn around as Luke realizes just how powerful Rey could be in The Force. This midsection of the story takes some time, but it is worth it. Hammill and Ridley play off each other great, and once again, there are some great touches of humor. I also have to say that this film has the best explanation of just what the Force is of all the movies.The other inhabitants of the island are the fish/nunlike keepers who maintain it and some rather cute birdlike wide-eyed critters called Porgs. They actually have some very funny scenes without being too overly cute. Every little kid will want one. Meanwhile, after being embarrassed by Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis ) in front of General Hux who sneers at him for not getting the job done in battle, Snoke demands that Kylo Ren find Rey and Skywalker.

Back with the resistance, it a race for Finn and Rose to get the codebreaker back in order for them to stop the Order from tracking them. Meanwhile, on board the ship, Poe and Holdo are going in different directions.

Will our heroes be able to stop the tracking device and escape?
Will Luke help Rey finish her training and find out who her parents are? Will Kylo find Rey and Luke and try to kill them?
Why did Luke disappear?
Will Finn find Rey?

The last Jedi is just fabulous and I have to give a huge round of applause to Johnson, as he not only directed this but also wrote it.
He juggles many things and he does it very well. Yes, the main setup is fairly simple, but the dynamics of where it goes and where it doesn't, when you think it will is expertly executed.
There is warmth, humor, sharp writing and direction and a fundamental understanding of why this franchise works so well when it does. He did what Abrams did. He went back to the source, understanding the core of the story is about the characters we love so dearly from the past, and the new ones we are starting to know.

I love Star Wars and it's universe. I saw the first one when I was ten, and this movie at key moments will have your heart aflutter,  your stomach doing a loop de loop, and as the music swells and you enter another battle, you will be that kid again....I swear.

You should see this movie

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