Suicide Squad

RATED - (PG-13) -123-MIN-2016

                             Suicide Squad is Twisted Fun!

When the first trailer for (Suicide Squad) came out nearly a year ago, I was pumped. This was just what we needed from a comic book movie adaption market,that has been churning out films which are mostly good, but starting to run its course and look the same. The fact that it was: (David Ayers) the talented writer and director of such films as (Training Day) (End of Watch) and one of the best war films to come out in some time (Fury) was a bonus, because it was obvious from the trailer, that this guy had the sensibility to do something different.This was going to be a twisted and dark movie, with one very large set of them on it.

I am happy to report, that for the most part, (Ayer's) delivered. In fact, the movie starts out awesome where it sets up the premise, that the most dangerous of the dangerous criminals, some with superhuman powers, called (metahumans in the DC universe) are recruited by a nasty secret government official: Amanda Waller (the fabulous Viola Davis) who rocks in the role. Her argument to her panels of military experts is that since Superman's "death...?" the world may not be prepared for the next superhuman that comes forth, who might not have good intentions like the (Man of Steel). What's to stop the next one from destroying us all? We need to protect ourselves, and she has a plan. She also has control of a very powerful, and scary ancient metahuman: The Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) a very old supernatural force who now inhabits the body of a young archeologist named: June Moone, who had the misfortune to open up some stuff where she lay dormant. Waller controls the Enchantress by holding her heart, which keeps her contained in a little box, that she tortures a bit when the witch doesn't listen. Can you say tempest in a teapot? Guess what happens?

Waller suggests gathering up the worst of the worst, by controlling them with basically a kill bomb in each one of their necks. If they get out of line or don't do what they are told, they are dead. They will be promised a leaner sentence for their crimes. It's the comic book Dirty Dozen.

Our merry band of thugs introduction in the first part of the film, as I said before, is great. It fits the tone, and crazy assured energy, that the first trailer promised. We meet through backstory and the present, in a wonderfully executed and narrated presentation: Deadshot (a very good and fleshed out Will Smith) the rather energetic and lethal: Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie, going all out) the mouthy Australian jewel thief: Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) the sewer dweller monster: Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) the pyro guy: Diablo (Jay Hernandez) and the afterthought: Slipknot (Adam Beach). It is true that (Smith) and (Robbie) are the standouts. They seem to have a very good rapport. 

Waller has put their best combat man: Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and his top notch commandos in charge of this ragtag group, to train them for a top secret mission to capture a target deep in the decimated Midway City. Flag has baggage too, and Waller exploits him to get him to agree to go with this dangerous group. Flag has by his side, the deadly: Katana (Karen Fukuhara) who wields a sword with the spirit of her husband in it. There is a lot of shit to juggle here. The stakes are very high for this bunch, as they are certain to die by the mission or the button in Waller and Flag's hands. At a certain point if the film, each of our anti-heroes has a moment to shine and use their special power to help in their goal.Once, within the city, it is apparent that things are going to go very wrong quickly, and that they are not alone.

Much has been made and much has been anticipated about (Jared Leto's) turn as Harley Quinn's main Puddin (the Joker) in this film. Where can he go with the character after the late (Heath Ledger's) brilliant Oscar-winning turn, in the best comic book movie adaptation ever (The Dark Knight?) Actually, (Leto) makes it his own, and he is very good, as you never know what he will do next. I was a bit surprised at how little he was in it, and I am sure much was cut out, but (Robbie) and (Leto) have great scenes together as a couple who seemed to have found in each other, the perfect twisted match. An early scene, speeding in the Joker's car, when a certain caped crusader drops in on them, is particularly well done. He has a few key cameos in the film.

The soundtrack is chock full of familiar tunes, and I enjoyed them all. I must point out the look of the film, I really liked. It is gritty and dark, with dabs of bold colors at times, to further enhance (Ayer's) twisted look. He obviously had a clear idea of what his vision for this movie was, and the confidence shows.

As it is many times with these films, a heavy special effects ending is in order here as well, and I won't say the film ran out of ideas, or gimped out, but I wasn't surprised, and it was my least favorite part of the movie. I also wished there was a bit more of the characters interacting, but in this film, ultimately, it doesn't hurt that much. A coda of sorts, when we revisit some of the group, redeems it a bit, and I am sure the studio had a hand in this cut for the summer crowd. But overall, I think (Ayers) was the right man for this film, and as someone who has grown tired of the comic glut, I found (Suicide Squad) to be a fun, twisted, summer ride, better than most, and I look forward to seeing it again.

You should see this movie.

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