The Big Short

RATED - (R) -130-MIN-2015

                                                " If this movie doesn't scare you, good luck."

This is a very good film, and I was surprised by how entertaining the end of the world can be....the end of the financial world as we knew it in America...that is. The housing meltdown that took place in 2008, with millions of people losing their homes and jobs, was the result of corruption on such a gigantic scale, that it is hard to get a handle on it in your mind.
The Big Short tries its best to explain all those convoluted banking terms to us in the film, using kind of well-known celebrities, who break the fourth wall, and explain what a Subprime Loan Mortgage , Credit Default Swap, Collateralized Debt Obligation, and etc is.

The one thing that the housing collapse of 2008 made very clear, was that big banks, Wall Street, and the Federal Government, really control our financial fate, and the film, based on Michael Lewis's bestseller, really drives that point home as often as it can. It is also as entertaining as it is informative.

If Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme to steal billions of people's money, was a fucking scum bag, what does that make the people on Wall Street and the financial institutions? A very good cast of some the real players show how a select few recognized that the housing market was close to hemorrhaging from shitty loans propping up better risks; how very clever greedy dirtbags, learned how to move things around and make fortunes on our money.

The always great: (Christina Bale) plays Michael Burry, a one-time physician, who now runs a hedge fund. Burry, is a bit of an oddball, who cranks heavy metal in his office, and stares for days  at his computer and the housing market numbers.

This man is a master of numbers but has a hard time with people. Burry is the first to notice the bubble is the housing market, and he formulates a plan to short the market, by convincing the banks to create the: Credit Default Swap(insuring these shit loans). The banks are more than happy to take Burry and his investors money, certain that he is giving it away, as the housing market was far as they knew. Soon, word gets out to a few more people about what Burry is doing, and now it is a race to get money to buy millions of Credit Default Swaps.

Mark Baum ( an excellent Steve Carell) hates the big Banks and is still haunted by his brother's suicide caused by some financial distress. He works for a small branch of Morgan Stanley. Baum is a loose cannon who speaks his mind, and his coworkers put up with him because he is a decent guy, and he means well. Carell has a great time in the film with many moments of hilarious indignation as he starts to realize just how deep and bad this is.(Ryan Gosling) plays investor :Jared Vennett who asks Baum and his team to go all in on investing in what Burry is doing. Thye don't trust him much, but as they investigate the mortgage picture, they think that this horrible thing might just happen. (Gosling) is very good as the cocky investor, and he also narrates the movie, as he try's to keep things somewhat comprehensible as the shit hits the fan. There is also two young investors from a small startup they ran in a garage in Texas: Jamie (Finn Wittrock) and Charlie ( John Magaro) who want a seat at the big boy's table, and enlist the aid of an ex-trader : Ben Rickert (Brad Pitt) to get them in the door. They also have gotten the wind of what is going on in the market, and get him to help them.

It is a bit funny, that we are all kind of rooting for these people to be right, as the destruction of the market,which will decimate so may, will get these few fuckers very rich. Rickert does point that out to his two investors, and they pause for a moment to consider.
It is a bit befuddling at times to follow, as the terms get confusing, but it is thorough with what the filmmakers want you to understand. Across the board, all the actors are wonderful. In many ways, this film is very important, as it depicts a truly criminal moment in our history.Two things you should consider as you watch this excellent film: This did, actually happen not to long ago and is happening again.

There are an awful lot of greedy, horrible shitheads out there, playing with your money and being backed up by the Government for their criminal behavior.

Make America Great Again!

You should see this movie.

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