Incredibles 2

RATED - (PG) - 118-MIN-2018

                                Incredibles 2 is super smart and fun for all again.

I love Jack-Jack.

(Incredibles 2) is really, when alls said and done, a better action film than most of the junk out there. It is also, like the great first movie: (The Incredibles), hilarious and fun for the entire family.

That is what sets Pixar films in general, apart from the usual fare. Most parents won't be bored senseless, because Pixar typically takes just as much care in the story, script, and characters, as it does with the animation. Really, at this point, the finished product at times looks almost real. That's how good the technology is at this point.

(Incredibles 2) takes place not long after the first film, and our lovable superhero family: the Parrs, are still in the Super Relocation Program, but just can't seem to help themselves from saving the city again in secret when they get a chance.

The movie starts, in a very clever way with an interrogation by the familiar agent from the first film: Rick Dicker (Jonathan Banks) of a local boy named Tony, who says he saw something odd when he was out on a date with the shy girl from school: Violet Parr (Sarah Vowell). A supervillain appeared, called: Underminer (John Ratzenberger) and seemed to want to dig and destroy everything in the city, before heading to the Bank to steal cash.

Out of nowhere, The Incredibles showed up and started fighting the Underminer. Violet in a fit of anger, rips off her mask, as she is left to take care of baby Jack-Jack, when the others go fight The Underminer. Tony sees that its Violet and that is a problem.  After a fabulous and fun battle, The Incredibles are caught by the police, and Rick escorts them back to the hotel they have been staying at under the relocation program. Rick tells Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), and the kids, that the program is ending, and in two weeks they are on their own. The world is done with Superheroes.

You can't keep a good superhero family down, and when their buddy Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) shows up to tell them they have an offer from a very rich businessman: Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) on how they can continue to fight crime, they are eager to listen. Winston and his brilliant sister: Evelyn (Catherine Keener) have a plan. What makes this film topical today, is that this time, Elastigirl takes the job of fighting crime, while the not too engaged Mr. Incredible, gets to stay home with the kids, helping hyper
Dash (Huck Milner) learn the new math, deal with the puppy love angst of Violet, and try to somehow contain the fireball that is baby Jack-Jack.

Jack-Jack's fight with a backyard raccoon rummaging through their trash can is worth the price of admission alone. We see that this adorable toddler may be more powerful than any other superhero out there. It is absolutely hilarious.
There is a great chase sequence between Elastigirl and the mysterious villain named The Screenslaver high above the city streets, and wonderful humor for all. This is top-notch family entertainment that should not be missed. It is a blast with a great message. That's entertainment!

You should see this movie.

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