The LEGO movie has so much creativity and funny lines in it, that it probably warrants several viewings to really appreciate this fun, fun, imaginative film. The first thing that strikes you, is that just about everything in it seems to be made of real LEGOS, and that they only move according to those physics. This poses a challenge for the filmmakers in the actions scenes, but the way they pull it off is quite “awesome“. It real is quite stunning to watch. I saw this with my six year old, and he loved it, but I also was completely involved in this nice message story with the wonder of this world they have created using those fun plastic blocks. This is some cool stuff going on here, and all ages will love this movie.

Emmet Brickowoski, is a very happy construction worker who does everything the same way each day. He gets up, follows the instructions, and goes to work at his job site where they all work as a team to follow the plan and build another building. Everyone sings the song: “Everything is Awesome”, a very funny conformist tune about working together and following the rules. Emmet wants to be pals with the workers at the job site, but nobody seems to notice him. He is kind of boring and uninteresting it seems. When the construction guys go out after work, they don’t even notice that Emmet wants to go with them. He is a nice guy, but a nobody.

While still at work that night at the construction site, Emmett notices someone sneaking around, apparently looking for something. It turns out to be a rather groovy girl named Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), who is indeed looking for a particular item called (the Piece of Resistance).Narrated at the beginning of the movie by the wizard Vitruvius (a hilarious Morgan Freeman), the Piece of Resistance is the only thing that can stop ( The Kragle ), a super weapon that the ruler of the LEGO metropolis Lord Business: ( Will Ferrell in perfect form), is planning to use it against all of the people in the city to freeze them. Their only hope to save them is someone called: the (Special) , one who is destined to find the Piece of Resistance and stop the Kragle. When Emmet falls down a hole and finds The Special, Wyldstyle is convinced that Emmet is the one.

Emmet is taken into custody and interrogated by: Bad Cop/Good Cop (Liam Neeson), who works for Lord Business. His head spins around back and forth to reveal the two, who are constantly at odds with each other. Emmet, who has the Piece of Resistance glued to his back, learns of Lord Business’s evil plan. Wyldstyle swoops in and rescues Emmet, and after a wonderful chase scene lead by Good Cop/Bad Cop, the two escape and meet up with Vitruvius. There he learns of other worlds, where Master Builders do not follow the instructions and build with individuality.

This movie has the feel like its neat simple ideas were gathered from watchng a group of children in a room playng with LEGOS, and then pieced together into a narrative by the filmmakers. There are so many wonderful scenes and great lines by the characters, it‘s hard to keep up; (Will Arnett’s) Batman had me in stitches. When the big reveal happens late in the movie, all will make more sense as you go back and rethink it.

How will they ever stop Lord Business and save LEGO world from conformity and never changing? So many characters from Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Abraham Lincoln, Star Wars, Metal Beard, Wonder Woman, all perfectly voiced by known actors obviously having fun; each of them adding humor and hilarious moments, to this movie that will have you smiling on the way out of the theater...wonderful.

You should see this movie.

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