The Newburgh



The four men who ultimately go to jail, for plotting to detonate bombs at two synagogues in the Bronx, and shoot at planes on a military base in Newburgh, with a Stinger missile in the HBO Documentary: (The Newburgh Sting) might have, at some point, ended up there regardless. But this thought provoking film, certainly points a rather appropriate judgmental finger at the true nature of government, and the dangerous monster it can be. It also at times, takes a rather unintended look at the vulture mentality of the news itself, to pick at the stories until there is no meat left. No one is innocent here, and that is truly the sad thought I had in my head after watching this film. Regardless of what you think, it will make you ponder what a truly frightening thing that power is, and even in America, what ends the government will go to.

The end justifies the means. If that thought doesn’t scare you...then that’s scary. Perception is reality…and the news today is perception…not reality.

The word for the day in this film is: "entrapment" but it really should be: targeting, profiling, and the nightly news sound bite. We don’t want details, we wants answers and a villain. And there is certain fodder for that with the sleazy FBI informant and the truly suspect fellow: (James Cromitie) who enlisted the other somewhat clueless men in this scheme. There is a lot of undercover footage and some rather damming audio that help you piece together this story. There are family members who protest in tears on camera, and I would expect no less. As the story progresses, you will believe that some major wrong was done to these four men. They are all guilty, but not of what the FBI basically pointed them to do. Unless there are major fabrications in this film, the FBI is guilty of that at least.

The basic story is as follows: in upstate New York, in the struggling city of Newburgh, an FBI informant started to recruit people from a mosque, for a terrorist act involving bombing synagogues, and targeting a nearby military air base. The said informant, had a shady past at best and might even have terrorist ties himself. His first contact is Cromitie, who does not come off as a terrorist or anti-Semite, as much as a conman and opportunist who will say what he has to, to get something. He makes some derogatory statements that are truly offensive, but I came away getting the sense that he was trying to impress his man with the funds. He then disappears, only to return, with some men for the job.

From here on in, it is apparent that this is a half ass job, guided by a dirt bag who is steering them, followed by some desperate men who need the money. Who is wrong here?… everybody.

Look, these four men knew what they were doing and it was very bad. But they were being guided and prodded by a man with a questionable past and hired by our government to do this. What does this prove? That there are cells all over the US waiting to strike at our nation again? That they can prey on the weak and desperate to forsake what they believe and make them do something horrible for promise of money? That may very well be true, and that is scary.But the fact that our government not only targeted them, but also prodded and guided them to do this, should scare the crap out of you. Shouldn’t they be looking for terrorists somewhere else, instead of creating them? Why would they do this?

Scary…very scary.

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