In the last 10 years or so, there have been a dizzying amount of movies based on comic books. So many are made because they simply make a huge amount of money. They are practically guaranteed to be a box office smash, so the studio keeps churning them out. They even have gone to so far as to plan them in stages and breaking them down into phases. There are few genres that are cash cows like these films, so it’s no surprise they keep on making them and making them. The big question then becomes: Are they any good? This is where it must be said, that they are starting to look an awful lot alike in my mind. I mean, I get it, it's a movie about superheroes who dress up in funny suits. But, how many times are our heroes going to be looking for some stone or rock that the bad guy or girl needs to possess to rule the world? Or better yet, some kind of giant thingamajig in the sky that miraculously our hero alone can zip back up, or the mutant blob that destroys half the military before our hero, at the last moment, finds its Achilles heel.

The best ones, in my opinion, move past the MacGuffin and look for something a little meatier. The famous quote from The Amazing Spiderman: " With great power, comes great responsibility." is also a common and interesting road to travel down, but the really good ones bring it back to the human element a bit more, so we can relate on a level a bit deeper than the surface.  Here is my list of the Ten Best comic book movie adaptions to film, and why I believe them to be so. This is my list:

1. (The Dark Knight 2008) This is far and away the best comic adaptation movie of all time. It should have been nominated for Best Picture. (Heath Ledger) deservedly won the Oscar for best Supporting Actor for his brilliant portrayal of the maniacal and totally unpredictable Joker. Everything about this film is pitch perfect. It is a smart and violent masterpiece. Read the review of all three (Dark Knight films here).

2. (Spiderman 2) I was a huge fan of the comic book growing up and Sam Raimi’s 2nd film perfectly captured the feel with this wonderful sequel. It has everything you need: An established hero with major personal issues

3. (Captain America: The first Avenger) This is far better than I had ever expected it to be. It is a bit of a throwback to the serials of the 40's and (Chris Evans) is the perfect Cap; the 90 pound weakling itching to fight in World War II whose heart was 20 times bigger than his body, until a brilliant  soldier There are a wonderful array of gadgets, submarines, flying machines, and tight action. Throw in one of Cap's oldest foes, The Red Skull ( a fabulous Hugo Weaving), lot's of Nazis
to shoot, and a fabulous touch of nostalgic direction by the underrated (Joe Johnston). I also love the sepia tones and patriotic music which brings this wonderful, fun film to life. It also boasts a great supporting cast with   This was a great start to the new (Captian America, The First Avenger).