World War Z




I love The Walking Dead, but I don't like zombies. I loved 28 Days Later, but I don't like zombies.I loved Night of the Living Dead, but I don't like zombies. I take no joy in watching the undead tear into their victims and start to pull on flesh like a roast beef sandwich. I hate those scenes; but I deal with it, because I get the horror it portrays. It is final and it is brutal, done by the undead, with a singular intent on getting to you; so I cringe and watch, because these shows and movies have a drama to them and are not just mindless violence. These examples are done with a thought above the body count. They play on some primal fears and if they are done well, I will hang in past the gore.

I liked World War Z. It is not your typical zombie fair , and if you are looking for gratuitous guts and entrails; may I suggest you go elsewhere. If you want to watch an exciting global thriller starring a very good (Brad Pitt) as a United Nations operative zipping around the world looking for clues on a virus that is turning people in zombies, done with a killer pace; then watch World War Z. This really is in many ways, a pandemic movie more than a straight up horror, but the flu in this has a rather nasty side effect of reanimating the recently deceased. The zombies in this film, like the ones in 28 Days Later, move at a very fast rate of speed, and will jump and smash through anything to get to you. They are not hindered by heights or the next windshield, in their goal of biting you and spreading the disease.

Pitt plays the recently retired United Nation's expert Gerry Lane who had been in some rather tough areas of the world, and is now a stay at home dad to his two daughters. Starting rather happily one morning as Gerry and his wife Karin (Mireille Enos), are abruptly awakened by their two young daughters for breakfast, World War Z gets going quickly. Stuck in midtown Philadelphia traffic, as the family starts their day, they notice some odd behavior and police activity in the street. Then all hell breaks loose, as it appears that some rather fast people are chasing down and biting folks; only to have them turn themselves into whatever it is they are. These opening moments are one of many very well done action scenes in the film, and credit goes to the director: Marc Foster and his editors.
In this chaos, because he has field experience, the observant Gerry sees one person bitten and then turn in seconds. The fact that the zombies are so fast adds a huge amount of tension, as Gerry must also make sure his wife and two daughters are ok. Fast thinking gets him and his family out of Philly
on a helicopter because of his UN connections.

Cities all around the world are falling, the President is dead, and the government's attempts at martial law are futile. The Lanes are flown to a fleet in the Atlantic where the military and some of the world's best scientists are trying to figure out where this virus started, so they can get a cure. Gerry was brought on board and his family spared, so he could go out on a field mission to South Korea with a SEAL team,as they believe there could be answers there. Reluctantly, he goes, as it is the only way his family will be safe on the ship. Gerry's journey takes him to several hot spots around the globe as he attempts to figure a way  to find a cure. At one point, his journey takes him to Jerusalem where they have constructed a wall around the city to keep the zombies out. When things go wrong here, and the zombies form a human ladder to get over the wall, it leads to one of the most harrowing  action packed scenes in this film. Oh, by the way, if you ever wondered what you would do if the plane you were in, was overrun by the undead thirty thousand feet in the air; you will see it here. I must say that while watching this film, you are very aware of how much Pitt brings as far a film presence. You buy this a bit more because its him.

Look, this movie won't be regarded in years to come as a great film; it doesn't break enough new ground for that. But for what it is,it's directed and acted well, the effects are very good, and outside of a few moments, they don't overwhelm the drama, because the story and it's implications for the world in this movie are at stake. Based on the book, World War Z by Max Brooks, this film delivers what you would expect, and does it well. You should see this movie.

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